Office 365 Appv error “The software change returned error code 0x87D0128F (-2016406897).”

The 1st issue was that Powershell 3 didn’t execute PS scripts.

I fixed it with running PS :

“Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted”

After this was fixed I received some “embedded scripting not allowed” error

Add-AppvClientPackage : Operation failed. An embedded script is defined for this operation in this package and

rollback on error is set to true in script definition, but this script cannot not be run because embedded scripting is

disabled for this client. Please either enable embedded scripting for this client (to run the script), or modify the

script defintion for this package to set rollback on error to false (in which case the script will be still disabled

and ignored).

Operation attempted: Configure AppV Package

After some research it turns out that there is a reg value that can be changed.

 reg value : EnablePackageScripts


This is default set to 0

I’changed to 1

Now I can isntall the Appv Office 365 pro plus package.